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Thanks for your subscription and showing interest in building your portfolio that can generate wealth in long term. First step in achieving financial independence.

Alpha investors seek long lasting wealth, invest in great companies run by influential leaders. We invest in the companies that are growing at scale, or generating cash for its stake holders or growing revenue super fast.

At Alpha Investors we scan through hundreds of stocks daily, research companies and use technical analysis to search best trading ideas, best companies to invest long term. We also publish about upcoming bleeding edge technologies, current tech trends and initial public offerings i.e IPOs that we might be interested in.

After your subscription you can get instant alerts through email on exactly which stock to buy right now and at what price. In the article you can learn about the reasons we think the stock would appreciate, any important events or upcoming catalyst. These articles are short and concise, we do not publish lengthy articles.

We also share weekly technical analysis of at most 4 stocks, if you are a frequent trader then these trading ideas supported by TA would be super helpful.

Many of our subscriber use options to boost their portfolio returns. We send option alerts to achieve that. We advice not to do option trading if you are beginner or you can just do paper trading before investing your hard earned money in options.

In alpha investor premium service we would cover long-term investing in quality companies to build our Portfolio, best options setups and debit call spreads, some IPOs and short term trades.

Occasionally we alert to book at least 20% of profit, based on our Technical Analysis of market (QQQ) and we do send quarterly portfolio updates of our holdings.

All portfolios are available for subscribers to track our returns. check out here.

Note: We do not update snapshots of our portfolio everyday.

In Summary :

Q: "What do I get when I become a member?"

A: Premium subscribers will get following.

  1. Build 2022 portfolio - Get at least 25 long term stock alerts in 12 months
  2. Short term trade alerts - Get at least 10 short term trades in 12 months
  3. Option alerts - Get option alerts to boost your portfolio returns. See
  4. Debit spread alerts - Get occasional less risky option trades, with potential to 2x, 3x, 4x your investment. See
  5. Weekly Chart setups - Get weekly chart setups that contains technical analysis of at most 4 stocks. See
  6. Access to watchlist
  7. Quarterly market sentiment technical analysis of QQQ with portfolio updates
  8. Timely email alerts to buy and sell stocks.
  9. You will get steady stream of new investment ideas and option trades to boost portfolio returns.
  10. Access to our 2020, 2021, 2020 portfolios
  11. Email Support

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Portfolio 2022

Portfolio 2022
Stock Ideas, Option alerts, Technical Analysis & Trends

Short Term Trades portfolio

Short Term Trades
Here we will be tracking all of our short term trades in 2021. Our sweet sport for a short term trade is 9 months, meaning if our trade gowrong but we have higher conviction in the stock based on technicals then wehold the position for at least 9 months. We also recommend to book profits inthese…

Option Alerts

Options Alerts - Alpha Investor
We focus on high growth and quality stocks only. Please Subscribe to get premium alerts.

Portfolio 2021

Portfolio 2021
We will be investing in high quality growth stocks. Our aim would be to buildthis portfolio with at least 20-40 companies by year end and hold them for atleast 3-5 years or longer. We carefully choose companies which are: Led by founders and revolutionizing lives by disrupting technology First …

Weekly Chart setups

Sample alert

Week 8 - Alpha Chart Pack: Option trades
Stock Ideas, Signals & Trends


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Note: We don't issue any refunds, In past some subscribers misused this policy to see our holdings and then ask to cancel with in a week. It puts our existing premium subscribers at loss, who paid for these alerts.

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