Portfolio 2021

We will be investing in high quality growth stocks. Our aim would be to build this portfolio with at least 20-40 companies. By year end we trim the portfolio down to under 20 companies based on our winner and hold them for at least 3-5 years or longer.

We carefully choose companies that are:

Led by founders and revolutionizing lives by disrupting technology

First into the market and leaders in their domain.

Growing at scale and have at least $10 billion market cap*

Rules to follow:

  1. Book 20% of profits, when you feel very good about your portfolio. It's the sign that you achieved what you planned and it's time to raise some cash.
  2. Keep adding money to your brokerage account monthly, but only the money that you don't plan to use in 1-2 years.
  3. Never take loan or use margin money for long term investing.
  4. Market always come back, so would your gains.
  5. Correction happens it's a sign of healthy market.
  6. 30% of market corrections are rare and happens only once or twice in a decade. Generally 5%-10% correction happens twice a year
  7. Holding on to strong, great and visionary companies is the key to long term investing.
  8. Never panic sell, apply 3-day rule. Meaning wait for at-least 3 days before selling your long term holdings.
  9. Sometime best strategy would be just to not look at your brokerage account for a week or two.

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