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Portfolio 2020 [Closed]

This is the portfolio 2020 we started building right after march sell off. We were cautious about position sizing and didn't know what may market have for us. But started building positions gradually.

We focus on time in the market instead of timing the market.

Up 61% since inception Apr 2020. We hit 104% in Nov 2021.. Occasionally we recommends to book 20% of gains to our subscribers based on market trend. We follow QQQ to indicate when to book profits.

We haven't added or closed any positions in this Portfolio since Oct 2020.

Some of the stock in above portfolio we will hold for life and never sell, If we do book profits then we get back into these on any dip. We get such opportunities once or twice a year. But we make sure at end of year we have these stocks in our portfolio.


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