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Note: Data and performance described in this page is outdated

We are building our 2021 portfolio with many subscribers already joined and started seeing good results. One for our portfolio 2021 core position is already 56% up in couple of months. We started building this portfolio since Oct 2020.

Checkout performance of our portfolio 2020, that we started to build around April 2020. Our portfolio is up 84%, while SPY is up 36% since 15th April, our portfolio is clearly beating SPY.

In our portfolio 2020, One stock is up 180%, 5 of our recommendations are up more than 100%, while 2 are up +80% and 5 are up +40%. Bottom 4 stocks are up 9% to 30% and one at loss of -11%.

We strive to build the similar portfolio in 2021 and you can do it too.

Our premium subscribers would be able to access portfolio 2021 for rest of the year at our website, and will get timely email alerts with BUY recommendations.

Apart from that you will get swing trade alerts and option trade alerts. You can use these alerts to boost your portfolio. But we recommend to stay invested with majority of your funds in quality stocks. Also we are starting SPAC portfolio that can you access along with many other benefits.

Q: "What do I get when I become a member?"

A: Premium subscribers will get following.

  1. Build 2021 portfolio - Get at least 30-40 long term stock alerts in 12 months
  2. Short term trade alerts - Get at least 4-6 monthly short term trades
  3. Option trade alerts - Get at least 4 monthly option alerts
  4. Debit spreads alerts - Less risky trades, with potential to 2x, 3x, 4x your investment.
  5. Access to watchlist
  6. Articles about technological trends and stocks we are watching
  7. Coverage of some IPOs
  8. Email alerts for timely Buy/Sell stocks and options.
  9. You will get steady stream of stock, swing trades and options ideas.
  10. Access to our 2020, 2021 portfolios
  11. Email Support

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Q: "I don't want to lose money, but want to build my portfolio"

A: Your fear is reasonable and no one can deny that. But you are not alone. Everyone invest their hard earned money to make their dreams come true. They can't see money is wiping out from their brokerage accounts.

But the truth is loss happens.

So, We recommend holding quality stocks for at least 3-5 years, It would help you sleep well even if they are down because you would be aware that those business are not going to go bankrupt and near future they can recover and give you great profits.

We always recommend to have at least 30-40 companies in your portfolio. While at least 10 stocks should be your core positions.

We strive to find moonshots like Zoom, Okta, Netflix and Shopify. Most of our stocks would have following qualities.

Companies lead by founders and revolutionizing lives by disrupting technology
Companies which are first into the market and leaders in their domain.
Companies which are growing at scale

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Note: We don't issue any refunds, In past some subscribers misused this policy to see our holdings and then ask to cancel with in a week. It puts our existing premium subscribers at loss, who paid for these alerts.