Portfolio 2023: Buy ENPH

We are adding ENPH to our Portfolio 2023

After the stock market correction we anticipated in our August 2023 update, we're ready to make some smart moves with our investments. We'll be gradually adding stocks that are not only profitable but also boosting their earnings per share (EPS) and maintaining high growth rates.

Remember, you don't have to rush into buying all these stocks at once. More opportunities will come our way, so feel free to add them to your portfolio as you become more comfortable.

If you're not quite ready to buy stocks yet, consider selling puts instead. Just make sure your portfolio has enough funds to cover potential stock purchases if your puts get assigned. For a real-life example, check out our successful Put Selling strategy with CRWD stock in our 2023 Portfolio.

Following is the table that shows the sector performance this year YTD. SPX is now only 10.8% up after correction.

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