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In our last market update we suggested to book profits, raise some cash because market looks range bound and not going anywhere.

This is we wrote in Aug 15 report.

Maintain a vigilant investment mindset and consider reducing positions that exhibit excessive volatility. Additionally, contemplate divesting from stocks that do not align with your long-term investment strategy.

Read the last update here.

Alpha Investor: Market Update, Book profits
Portfolio 2023

Current market conditions still looks choppy and range bound, that is why we haven't initiated any new positions in our Portfolio 2023.

Many of the Stage Analysis breakouts are NOT working as expected and hence we are not sending any new breakout alerts.

See the Weekly Stage Analysis we have sent previously.

Sometimes doing nothing is best thing to do in investing or trading..

We will continue to send strategic option alerts based on market conditions, but refrain from making hasty decisions or putting too much money into single a trade. Options are inherently a depreciating assets and should be used carefully and actively managed.

If you have any questions or queries please reach out to us on our Twitter for faster responses.

We did some great additions in last 6 months in our growth stock portfolio.

Don't look for instant gratification (instant profits, right after you buy), instead try to understand the long term satisfaction of building wealth gradually.

-Alpha Investor

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