Happy New Year to all Alpha Investors

We hope you are enjoying our alerts and has made some profits.

Dear Subscribers,

We hope you are enjoying our alerts and has made some profits.

Our portfolio 2020, as of today is up 68%. The beautiful thing about it is we haven't added any stocks or done any transaction in it since Oct. That means winners keep winning, you just have to give them enough time.

We are closing our Portfolio 2020 and we will not make any further additions to it. It will always be available to access from our website.

See some of the trade alert performance here

Portfolio 2021

Portfolio 2021 is up 10% since we started it in Oct, it was up more than 20% last week. We anticipate 2021 would be a bull year for stocks and our holdings are going to do great.

We do anticipate some choppiness but holding quality companies led by visionary founders and leadership can make us sleep soundly during tough times.

Remember this as we head into 2021 - If you want to outperform the market like we did in 2020, Follow the trend and smart money means where biggest financial players are investing their money.

Stay Tuned for 2021!!

Happy New year

-From Alpha Staff

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Final portfolio update of the year
We are adding 3 core positions today and revealing two stocks to play cybersecurity trend.

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