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$12 can buy you few drinks, two burritos, bouquet of flowers or a cool t-shirt

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$12 can buy you few drinks, two burritos, bouquet of flowers or a cool t-shirt.

But you can get steady stream of stock alerts, option alerts, short term reversal trade alerts and on top of that access to our own 2021 portfolio.

Previous trade alerts have resulted in big wins like:

From Portfolio 2020, Up 74% since Apr

  • Zoom in Apr '20: +196%
  • Peloton in Jul'20: +134%
  • Nvidia in Apr '20: +118%
  • Glaukos in Jul'20: +99%

From Portfolio 2021, Up 20% since Oct

  • Unity in Nov '20: +66%
  • Sumo in Oct' 20: +54%
  • Draftkings in Oct '20: +30%
  • Agora in Nov'20: +27%

Some Big Options Wins:

  • ARCT Call in Nov: 1000%, 434%
  • CMPS Call in Oct: 150%
  • DDOG Call in Nov: 80%
  • SAIL Call in Dec: 90%
  • PTON Call in Nov: 60%

If you compare our alert service, where you will build your portfolio, get timely email alerts for stocks, option trades and short term trades. This $12 monthly is a steal, where other services can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Don't hesitate to try out our service. Instead of buying a cool T-shirt this Christmas, you can give us a try and if you don't like it just cancel anytime.

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Join Alpha Investor for $99 a year, 32% discount

If you have put your money in our Portfolio 2021 stock picks then you would have made +33% returns in two months. Basically $6000 invested in 6 stocks to make $2000 in profits.

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Portfolio Update: Read here

P.S. This offer is only available until end of year. So you’ll need to act fast.

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I’m very happy with your service so far. Already took your trades on board. I feel comfortable taking your trades, since it’s on the same criteria of what I would choose. Keep it up. Nick
I've followed 4 of your recommendations so far and I'm up on all of them, excited to see more.

Join Alpha Investor for $99 a year, 32% discount

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