Holiday Cheers!! from Alpha Investor

Enjoy your holidays with your friends, family and loved ones. Happy new year and merry Christmas.

Enjoy your holidays with your friends, family and loved ones. Happy new year and merry Christmas.

This year was a roller coaster ride for many. Coronavirus has intricately changed many lives and world forever. This holiday is the most crucial time to recharge yourself and be with loved ones.

We are at Alpha Staff are taking time off. We will be back by 4th of Jan and you should not expect any new email alerts.

However we will be sending a Year End Alert, where we are revealing SIX stocks that could double next year.

Markets are not closed, So if something comes up very urgent we will send an alert.

Our recent PTON option call alert is ripping today, it's up +125%, We have substantial time left on the option to expire. If you want to book profit go ahead.

Our UBER calls options which were under water since we recommended has gained back 38%, Keep them and don't book any loss yet.

Our Portfolio 2021 is already +23% up, we have entire year to build this portfolio and we are entering into next year pretty strong.

Our Portfolio 2020 is up 75%, 4 stocks in our portfolio were up more than 100%, 4 stocks were up more than 80%. It was best year for stock market. 2021 will not be the same

Market is too overbought now and we can see a correction. Overbought conditions can get more overbought, but correction is due for sure. Probably next quarter ? No one knows. But we can take precautions and start raising cash, meaning book 20% of profits from your winning trades and keep the cash to jump on any weakness in our favorite stocks. Stay away from using margin money.

Note: Next year we are planning to increase yearly subscription fees, so if you are still waiting on sidelines, this is the time to be a yearly member. Monthly cost will increase from Jan 2021.

Please send us feedback, about your experience with our service till now. We are getting some great feedback and we will implement them next year. Also, Tell us which alerts you traded or stocks you invested and made any profits ?

Thank you for joining us and allowing us to do what we love. We are looking forward to hearing from you all.

Happy Investing!!

-Alpha Staff

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