Upcoming subscription fee changes

Note: If you already received this email please ignore.

Note: If you already received this email please ignore.

Dear Subscribers,

Thanks for being Alpha Investor's subscriber. We hope you are enjoying our portfolio alerts, trade alerts and options alerts.

Some of you shared your experience and we are glad that you are up on those positions. Many of you also shared feedback on improving our feeds, we will work on those in upcoming months.

We want to let you know that we are changing subscription fees from 1st Jan 2021.

Monthly Subscription:

Changing from $12 to $19 per month. If you are not a premium subscriber and waiting on side lines, this is the time to take action and change subscription to yearly.

Yearly Subscription:

Changing from $99 to $149 per year. Lot of you already have subscribed to yearly plan which is currently 50% discounted.


What Other subscribers are saying ?

I m very glad for your service.
I purchased for one month to try.
And i m planing to upgrade to 1-year membership. And i'll recommend you to my friends.
Thank you for your support.
I’m very happy with your service so far. Already took your trades on board. I feel comfortable taking your trades, since it’s on the same criteria of what I would choose. Keep it up. Nick
I've followed 4 of your recommendations so far and I'm up on all of them, excited to see more.
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