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Thanks for your continued interest in Alpha Investor. We believe to establish a long lasting relationship with our subscribers and build wealth together.

Dear Investor,

Thanks for your continued interest in Alpha Investor. We believe to establish a long lasting relationship with our subscribers and build wealth together.

After last week's extreme sell off, it seems market is about to give us a good opportunity to start building Portfolio 2022.

Lot of growth stocks are on sale, but last year's meteoric rise in many stocks, it is extremely prudent to invest in the best. Don't miss this opportunity if you were waiting on sidelines in 2021.

Take a look at our last week top pick alert for trading. We send this alert every week.

Week 12 - Top stock picks of the week
Alpha chart pack contains super charged technical analysis of stocks to trade in current week.

Take a look at our recent short term alert of $RBLX, Alert at $76

Short term alert: Buy RBLX
Our sweet spot for a short term trade is at least 9 months. You can buy options if you are looking for more reward with more risk. Always be proactive to book profits in short term trades and don’t wait for sell alert.

Take a look at our Portfolio 2020

Click here for : Portfolio 2022 Click here for : Portfolio 2021 Click here for : Option Alerts Click here for : Short Term Trades Click here for : Weekly Technical Analysis Alerts Click here for : Watchlist Top picks Portfolio 2020 This is the portfolio 2020 we started building right after march sel…

If you are getting our emails but not yet have premiums subscription that means you are missing from option alerts, Portfolio 2021/2022 access, Short term trades and Weekly technical analysis of stocks etc.

We started to build portfolio 2022, this November, only premium members would be able to access those recommendations. If you are looking to build your Portfolio 2022, then this is the best chance to upgrade your subscription for 40% off on yearly subscription.

If you choose to remain on free account, then you would still get our occasional free premium alerts.

Please upgrade your account and do not miss on any trade opportunity and build your Portfolio 2022 to get continuous stream of trading ideas.

Take a look on our Portfolio 2020.

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Q: "What do I get when I become a member?"

A: Premium subscribers will get following.

  1. Build 2022 portfolio - Get at least 25 long term stock alerts in 12 months.
  2. Short term trade alerts - Get at least 10 short term trades in 12 months
  3. Option alerts - Get option alerts to boost your portfolio returns. See
  4. Debit spread alerts - Get occasional less risky option trades, with potential to 2x, 3x, 4x your investment. See
  5. Weekly Chart setups - Get weekly chart setups that contains technical analysis of at most 4 stocks. See
  6. Access to watchlist
  7. Quarterly market sentiment technical analysis of QQQ with portfolio updates
  8. Timely email alerts to buy and sell stocks.
  9. You will get steady stream of new investment ideas and option trades to boost portfolio returns.
  10. Access to our 2020, 2021, 2020 portfolios
  11. Email Support

-Alpha Staff

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