One of our short term trade is up 42% in one day

Yesterday we posted our first two short term trades of the year and one of them is up 42%

Yesterday we posted our first two short term trades of the year.

ARCT is now trading up 42% and NVTA is up 8%

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Great start of the year.

If you followed our recommendation then congrats on the gains to our premium subscribers. Please share your feedback by replying to this email. It's a great return on investment for your monthly subscription.

Our new SPAC Tracker 2021 is also up 3% today. We will be adding 5 more SPAC stocks in January to February. Please upgrade your subscription from free to monthly and never miss an alert. Or get 35% discount on yearly.

SPAC Tracker 2021

$19 monthly is only $0.63 cents per day

Portfolio 2021

10 of our portfolio holdings are more than 10% up. Only premium subscribers has access to this portfolio.


Our recent option alerts for FUTU (up 143%), PTON (up 100%) as of today.

Some Big Options Wins from last year:

  • ARCT Call in Nov: 1000%, 434%
  • CMPS Call in Oct: 150%
  • DDOG Call in Nov: 80%
  • SAIL Call in Dec: 90%
  • PTON Call in Nov: 60%

Portfolio 2020

This portfolio that we started in Apr 2020, is now up 74% and we haven't touched since Oct. No trading and no transactions in this portfolio.

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