Alert: Portfolio changes and replacing some stocks with new ones

For last few days market might be showing some sign of slowing down and these down days are good time to add to your winners and cut your losers.

If you were holding off and saying yourself that i would buy when it's down and has not bought our best performers from portfolio 2021 or portfolio 2020, today is the right time to initiate the position. We don't know, if market keeps going down from here or quickly rebound again. But we are not worried because we hold great stocks for long term and that is why we can sleep well without worrying too much about daily market conditions.

ACCESS PORTFOLIO CHANGES HERE : we are adding 4 new stocks today in our main portfolio. Portfolio 2021 is up 24%

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Portfolio 2021: This is our main portfolio where we intend to hold at-least 20-30 companies by year end. In this we have mix of Core and Explore stocks.

Core Stocks are driving force of our portfolio and those are bigger and stronger companies. These stocks has already proven themselves and we can just hold them for years.

Explore Stocks are the stocks which are innovators in their domain and has potential to become mainstream one day. These are the stocks that gives us great potential returns on the money invested. For eg three of our explore stocks had tremendous rally of more than 100% since we started Portfolio 2021.

Access Portfolio 2021 here:

Portfolio 2021
We will be investing in high quality growth stocks. Our aim would be to buildthis portfolio with at least 20-40 companies by year end and hold them for atleast 3-5 years or longer. We carefully choose companies that are: Led by founders and revolutionizing lives by disrupting technology First i…

Short Term Portfolio: This is the portfolio where we recommend and hold stocks that are volatile but has potential to gives us good returns in short term of 9 months. If you have larger risk appetite than these alerts are for you.

Access it here:

Short Term Trades
Here we will be tracking all of our short term trades in 2021. Our sweet spot for a short term trade is 9 months, meaning if our trade go wrongbut we have higher conviction in the stock based on technicals then we hold theposition for at least 9 months. We also recommend to book profits in these…

SPAC Portfolio: This is the portfolio that we aim to hold at least 15 Spac companies by year end. We already have positions in 10 SPAC stocks and we buy 5 more in month of March.

We recommend every investor should own some SPAC stocks, this is the trend and it's going to last forever.

SPAC Track 2021
We track performance of our SPACs in this portfolio. We hold some of them in our personal portfolio.

Option Alerts: We send option alerts based on market conditions and these are the alerts only for very high risk takers who are willing to lose the invested amount. Since last 5 months we had great returns on our option alerts and in only couple of them were in negative. We try to be vigilant and only choose best option plays. Market was very bullish but this can change any time and so we will change our option strategy as well.

Options Alerts - Alpha Investor
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-Alpha Staff

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