We are adding a new page to our website, where our premium members can track watchlist and top pick stocks. These are the stock in which we are currently forming conviction but not yet initiated any position in our portfolio.

Watchlist Screenshot

Top picks:

These are the stocks we have higher conviction and may initiate the new position soon.  As we get more confident about the stock and current price we are paying, we officially recommend the stock to add to our portfolio.


These are the stock to watch in current year. As we research more about the company, feel the price range is right and start building conviction into a company we move stock from watchlist to top picks.

Take a look at wathchlist for 2021

Access to premium members only.

The page is still under construction, we will add more information about each of the stock. As of now you can only see the ticker and company description. There is no information about what we think about the stock yet and why we should add it into our portfolio.

-Alpha Staff