Portfolio 2022 : Lets build our portfolio

Dear Investors,

We are building portfolio 2022, not just for 12 months but with the horizon of next 5 years. If you buy the stocks in this portfolio then you should hold the stock for at-least 5 years, until our initial buying thesis remain intact and underlying business is growing.

Meanwhile market will keep doing it's thing, price swings, media manipulation, significant percentage draw-downs, too much noise but if initial investment thesis doesn't change and business is still growing we will not sell. Always remember, we are buying businesses not tickers.

If we keep our eyes on long term, and know why we bought the stock at first place, then this will be the differentiating factor from other traders or investor who loose patience and sell. Keep your emotions out of your investments and feed to your winners in market downturn.

Having patience to let your stock grow, adding when it's discounted is the most important driver of finding huge winners over time. We will be buying at least 25 stocks in this portfolio, and what we need is few huge winners over time, that will cultivate this portfolio into profits.

Before start building portfolio 2022, please read these rules and try to follow:

Portfolio 2022
We will be investing in high quality growth stocks. Our aim would be to build this portfolio with at least 20-30 companies. By year end we trim the portfolio down to under 20 companies based on our winners and hold them for at least 3-5 years or longer. We carefully
Rules to follow

Portfolio 2022 composition:

Our portfolio 2022 holdings would fall into these categories:

  1. Core stocks (80%) - Core stocks are the building blocks of this portfolio, these are the stocks we have highest conviction. In this category we will own high growth tech companies and large cap stocks. These companies have proven business models and growing at scale. And must be at least $25B of market cap.
  2. Explore stocks (20%) - These companies can be under $25B, they could be micro, small, mid cap or recent IPOs. Such companies are trying to grow at scale and still establishing their businesses, but currently undervalued. These are the companies with highest risk associated with them, but usually it's this category we find our multibaggers, if we hold the stock for long term.

What to expect in email alerts?

Our email alerts will not be very lengthy, these will contain business description, what they do, business fundamental, buy/sell price etc. Also remember when we send alert, do not jump into buying the full positions right away, instead slowly add to the stock through out the year.

Now let's start building our portfolio and buy the first stock.

First stock we are adding is a payment processing company and this would be one of our core stock. Email will be sent to our premium subscribers on Monday (1st Nov)

-Alpha Staff


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