Option Alert: Sell IWM Calls for nice 64% profit in one week

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Sell, to close, IWM Feb 17, 2023 $177 Calls @ $9.25 or better

We are booking 64% profit on this calls that we bought last week. Although, we have more time for this option to get expire, but we want to book profits today.

Chart when alert was posted:


Chart when we are booking 64% profit:

IWM is about to hit resistance line - Let's book profits


IWM has potential to move up a little bit more, if you prefer to hold you can but keep a strict stop, so that you can still get out with profits.

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-Alpha Staff

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Looming recession in 2023 and uncertain economy is causing degrading investor confidence in equity market.

Note: Options can expire worthless. So you must be willing to risk 100% of what you put into trades. Don’t risk funds you cannot afford to lose.

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