We are buying following debit call option spread, NXPI will be announcing earnings after market close today. Expected return 200% by tomorrow.

Read more about Debit spreads here

Take this action:

Buy NXPI Feb 04, 2022 $210 Calls

Sell NXPI Feb 04, 2022 $212.5 Calls

Debit spread difference should be : $0.80 or less

Entry cost: $80 for 1 spread, you can buy 5, 10, 20 or 30 lots based on your risk tolerance

Maximum risk: $80 at a price of $210.00 or less at expiry

Maximum return: $170 at a price of $212.5 at expiry, i.e 200+% returns

Sell the spread early morning tomorrow. Don't wait for alert.

-Alpha Staff

Note: Options can expire worthless. So you must be willing to risk 100% of what you put into trades. Don’t risk funds you cannot afford to lose.