Three stocks to watch for Gamestop like short squeeze

Gamestop ($GME) is making history, destroying stock market hedge fund managers and gurus a like. No one knew this can escalate that quickly.

Gamestop ($GME) is making history, destroying stock market hedge fund managers and gurus a like. No one knew this can escalate that quickly.

This was all started on reddit group r/wallstreetbets, where retail investors come together to save Gamestop and started buying its stocks after a big hedge fund manager shorted it heavily. As of today total short float for $GME is 149%.

$GME has run 4800% in last one year and 464% in past week.

While it would totally be wrong to say that other stocks can also give the same returns but we can still hunt for few heavily shorted stocks in the market.

There are few already started making huge rally like $AMC, $BB and $BBBY

One stock that Alpha Investor subscribers already own is $OTRK and it's up 53.23% since alert. Subscribe for such alerts.

Following three stocks we are watching for a short squeeze other than what wallstreetbets already know :) Let's bury the shorts.

SmileDirectClub ($SDC) : Short float 31%,

Many young people already aware of this company, they make clear aligners and do it inexpensively compared to other alternatives. They have partnership with walmart to setup smileshops.

SmileDirectClub, Inc. operates a teledentistry platform that provides member's with a customized clear aligner therapy treatment in the United States and internationally. The company manages the end-to-end process, which include marketing, aligner manufacturing, fulfillment, treatment by a doctor, and monitoring through completion of their treatment proprietary with a network of 250 state licensed orthodontists and general dentists through its teledentistry platform, SmileCheck. It offers aligners, impression kits, whitening gels, and retainers.

RedHill Biopharma Ltd ($RDHL) : Short float 99%

RedHill Biopharma Ltd., a specialty biopharmaceutical company, primarily focused on gastrointestinal and infectious diseases. The company promotes gastrointestinal drugs, including Movantik for opioid-induced constipation in adults with non-cancer pain.

Special note about this company is that it is from Israel and Cathie Wood from Ark Invest owns this company in their ETF. We anticipate that there is definitely a story behind this stock, it just not the right time but if a short squeeze in the play then it could rally and can double easily form this level.

FuboTV Inc : Short float 65%

$FUBO has taken a bit hit over the past month, but since trying to recover nicely. But the big picture suggests shares could become an investment champ and investors darling like ROKU and NFLX. FUBO isn’t exactly new to the scene.

The company was actually founded back in 2015. But shares only recently listed on the NYSE this past October. It operates a live TV streaming platform for live sports events, news, and entertainment content in Europe and the United States.

Fubo also intend to dive in sports betting this year. Too much going on for this stock. Wonder how the stock squeeze would be for this stock, if they announce a great ER.

Alpha Investor may have long positions in the stock mentioned here.

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