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We are building our 2021 portfolio with many premium subscribers already joined and started seeing good results. One for our portfolio 2021 core position is up staggering +170% and we are not selling it yet.

Checkout performance of our portfolio 2020, that we started to build around April 2020. Our portfolio is up 90.71%, our portfolio is clearly beating SPY with handsome margin.

Don't miss the opportunity to profit with quality stock ideas. There is a big opportunity cost of the capital that people don't understand if it's not put to the work.

Portfolio 2020: Top 4

Notice the Entry Dates - that matters

Portfolio 2021: Top 3

Notice the Entry Dates - that matters

Gains of 172%, 88.62% and 73.93% in few months. All three are our explore stocks in main portfolio that we started building in Oct 2020. We currently hold 28 stocks in this portfolio.

Spac Portfolio: Top 2

Notice Entry Date and Total % Change

Gains of 38%, 36% in 4-5 weeks. We recently added 3 new SPACs that are still in buy range. Total 10 stock we hold in this portfolio and we plan to add 5 more in upcoming weeks.

Short Term Trade Portfolio: Top 2

Notice Entry Dates and Total % Change

Join us and get continuous stream of investing ideas and build your portfolio with confidence. You can recoup $19 monthly subscription fees by following few trades.

Our premium subscribers would be able to access portfolio 2021 for rest of the year at our website, and will get timely email alerts with BUY recommendations.

Apart from that you will get short term trade alerts and option trade alerts. You can use these alerts to boost your portfolio.

Options Alerts returns: DDOG (150%), EGOV(400%), PTON(100%), FUTU(234%)

Options Alerts - Alpha Investor
We focus on high growth and quality stocks only. Please Subscribe to get premium alerts.

Q: "What do I get when I become a member?"

A: Premium subscribers will get following.

  1. Build 2021 portfolio - Get at least 30-40 long term stock alerts in 12 months
  2. Short term trade alerts - Get at least 4-6 monthly short term trades
  3. Option trade alerts - Get at least 4 monthly less risky option alerts
  4. SPAC portfolio - Get 15 SPAC stock alerts in 12 months
  5. Articles about technological trends and stocks we are watching
  6. Coverage of some IPOs
  7. Email alerts for timely Buy/Sell stocks and options.
  8. You will get steady stream of stock, swing trades and options ideas.
  9. Access to our 2020, 2021, Short term trades, SPAC and options portfolio performance and holdings.
  10. Email Support

Note: We don't issue any refunds, In past some subscribers misused this policy to see our holdings and then ask to cancel with in a week. It puts our existing premium subscribers at loss, who paid for these alerts.