Watchlist: We are watching these stocks for a reversal

Sharing the watchlist, but not officially recommending these trades

Sharing the watchlist, but not officially recommending these trades

If you feel comfortable you can add them as Short Term trade. Sweet spot for our short term trade is 9 months.

ROOT :  

Root Inc. is the parent company of Root Insurance Company. It is a technology company revolutionizing personal insurance with a pricing model.


Seres Therapeutics, Inc. offers microbiome therapeutics platform. It is focused on developing Ecobiotic microbiome therapeutics that treats dysbiosis in the colonic microbiome.


Nautilus, Inc. is an iconic industry leader with a rich history and reputation for building the best cardio and strength equipment for home use.


operates a prescription drug price comparison platform using data from local and mail-order pharmacies in the United States.


It provides flexible options to extend hybrid IT environments and accelerate digital business initiatives with multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, access management, intelligent API security, directory and data governance capabilities.

We see the market is quite overbought and very cautious right now to add new positions in our portfolio.

You should keep cash, book some profits and adjust your positions from overbought stock to oversold stock. Like we did with DADA today.

I would recommend to keep 20% as cash, but stay invested in Good quality stocks.

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