We will track our short term trades in a separate tracker, here. These alerts are more intended towards traders and swing traders. We probably would consider some of those to add in our core portfolio based on fundamentals.

These trades are based purely on charts.

Buy Invitae Corp ($NVTA) : @ $46 or less

Forming support at $45. NVTA is the company that is also in a bullish trend of genomics. During this year we may consider to add this to our main portfolio.

Recently it got sold off from the highs above $60, our first target would be $60 to book profits.

Buy Arcturus Therapeutics ($ARCT) : @ $47 or less

All the selling in ARCT is done, this is a very volatile stock. We made over 1000% in our option calls in this one in December. It recently released it's study data for Phase 2 trials for covid vaccine and due to that this got oversold.

We are taking the opportunity to make a short term bet on ARCT.

In both the stocks we anticipate at least 3 months and sweet spot is 9 months, we don't use stop losses and hence we give enough time for our trades to change the course if it goes down. If they go 20% up quickly we suggest to book some profits.

Keep your positions small according to your risk taking appetite.